ElementsKit vs Premium Addons: Elementor Addon Face-Off!

ElementsKit vs Premium Addons

Elementor has revolutionized website building for WordPress users, and its popularity has spawned a vast ecosystem of add-ons to further extend its capabilities. Two of the most popular contenders in this space are ElementsKit and Premium Addons. 

But with both offering a vast range of features, choosing the right one can be daunting. Buckle up, Elementor enthusiasts, as we delve into a head-to-head comparison of these powerhouse add-ons!

  1. What is ElementsKit?
  2. What is Premium Addons for Elementor?
  3. ElementsKit vs Premium Addons: Head-to-Head Comparison
    1. Feature Face-Off
    2. ElementsKit vs. Premium Addons: Integration Comparison
    3. ElementsKit vs. Premium Addons: Ease of Use
    4. ElementsKit vs. Premium Addons: Battle of Performance
    5. ElementsKit vs. Premium Addons: Who’s Worth the Price
    6. ElementsKit vs Premium Addons: Who’s Most Preferred
  4. Final Thoughts

🤔 What is ElementsKit?

ElementsKit Elementor Addons

ElementsKit is a comprehensive suite of extensions for Elementor, boasting 85 widgets & addons, and 17 modules. With a focus on design flexibility, it empowers you to create stunning parallax effect Elementor, sticky elements, one-page scroll navigation, custom headers and footers, and much more. It also includes a library of pre-designed templates, pages, and sections to jumpstart your website creation.

Furthermore, ElementsKit Elementor Addons has 1M+ active installations with an impressive satisfaction rating of 98%. This proves that it has been a partner and better choice by majority in website building. 

🤔 What is Premium Addons for Elementor?

Premium Addons for Elementor

Premium Addons, as the name suggests, packs a punch with over 80 unique elements to enhance your Elementor workflow. From creative image galleries and pricing tables to countdown timers and social media feeds, it caters to a wide range of website functionalities. 

Additionally, the plugin has 700,000+ active installations with a satisfaction rating of 98%.

ElementsKit vs Premium Addons: Head-to-Head Comparison

Choosing the best Elementor addons? Then this comparison will make your decision easy! We delve into the features, performance, pricing, and more of ElementsKit and Premium Addons, two popular extensions vying to be your ultimate design companion. 

Get ready to have your Elementor mind blown! We’re about to introduce you to your new creative best friend.

Feature Face-Off

Both ElementsKit and Premium Addons are popular Elementor addons that offer a variety of features to enhance your website building experience. Here’s a comparison of their key features:

FeaturesElementsKitPremium Addons
Widgets & AddonsFree: 43 + Pro 42 = 85Free: 15 + Pro 65+ = 80+
ModulesFree : 7 + Pro: 10 =  17Not Specify
Ready Templates 28None
Ready Sections769500+
Ready Pages98None
Ready Home Pages28None
Header & Footer BuilderYesYes
Image Hover EffectsYesNo
Image HotspotsYesYes
Image MaskingYesNo
Parallax EffectsYesYes
Popup BuilderYesNo
Animated HeadlinesYesYes
Lottie AnimationsYesYes
Mega Menu BuilderYesYes
Content TickerYesYes
Widget BuilderYesNo
Advanced AccordionYes No

ElementsKit vs. Premium Addons: Integration Comparison

Both ElementsKit and Premium Addons integrate well with Elementor and other popular WordPress plugins, but there are some key differences to consider:

FeatureElementsKitPremium Addons
Elementor IntegrationSeamless and intuitiveGood, but might not be as feature-rich
Plugin IntegrationsWider range with dedicated integration modulesFewer native integrations, limited control
WooCommerce IntegrationDedicated WooCommerce Product Grid and other modulesBasic WooCommerce widgets, no dedicated modules
Contact Form 7 IntegrationDedicated Contact Form 7 moduleBasic Contact Form widget
Zoom IntegrationDedicated zoom widget for ElementorNo zoom integration
Mailchimp IntegrationDedicated Mailchimp Integration moduleBasic Mailchimp widget

ElementsKit vs. Premium Addons: Ease of Use

Both ElementsKit and Premium Addons for Elementor plugins are designed to be user-friendly and accessible for Elementor users of all skill levels. However, there are some key differences in their approaches to ease of use:

FeatureElementsKitPremium Addons
Interface DesignClean and intuitive with clear labels, drag-and-dropSimple and focused on individual features
Learning CurveEasier for beginners, steeper for advanced featuresEasier for basic features, requires design skills for layouts
Pre-designed OptionsExtensive library of templates and blocksNo pre-designed templates and pages, requires building from scratch
Documentation & TutorialsComprehensive documentation and tutorialsLimited documentation, relies on interface simplicity

ElementsKit vs. Premium Addons: Battle of Performance

Both ElementsKit and Premium Addons strive to offer optimal performance for your Elementor website. However, there are some key factors to consider when comparing their impact on website speed and loading times:

FeatureElementsKitPremium Addons
Potential ImpactAlthough the plugin has a lot of features and pre-built options, it still has a lower potential impact because ElementsKit is designed for optimal performance and loading speed. It has +0.78KB memory usage which ensures the user to have lower potential impact on their website performance. Lower due to focus on essential elements
Optimization FeaturesOffers code minification, Elementor lazy loading, etc.Limited built-in optimization features
User Choices ImpactAlthough with great customization options, ElementsKit is optimized for speed with -0.07s change in speed based on Wp Hive test scriptSimpler designs generally load faster

ElementsKit vs. Premium Addons: Who’s Worth the Price

Both ElementsKit and Premium Addons offer a freemium model, meaning they have both free and paid versions with varying features and functionalities. Here’s a breakdown of their pricing structures:

FeatureElementsKitPremium Addons
Free VersionBasic widgets, modules, templatesLimited widgets, basic functionalities
Pro Version PriceStarts at $39/year for 1 siteStarts at $39/year for 1 site
Unlimited Sites$179/year (best deal)$249/year (lifetime access)
Renewal FeesYesYes
Money-back Guarantee30 days14 days

ElementsKit vs Premium Addons: Who’s Most Preferred

Both ElementsKit and Premium Addons have received positive feedback from users, but there are some key differences in their ratings and reviews:

FeatureElementsKitPremium Addons
Average Rating4.9 starts (wordpress.org)4.9 stars (wordpress.org.)
Review Volume1,563 (wordpress.org)1,528 (wordpress.org)
Positive ReviewsExtensive features, templates, intuitive interface, good documentationAffordable price, clean interface, ease of use, essential elements
Negative ReviewsOccasional bugs, steeper learning curve for advanced features. Limited features, no templates, fewer customization options

Final Thoughts

The choice for better Elementor addons between ElementsKit and Premium Addons ultimately boils down to your specific needs and priorities. If you crave extensive design control and advanced functionalities optimized for speed and performance, ElementsKit might be your champion. However, if budget are key concerns for multiple websites, Premium Addons could be your perfect match.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet:

Choose ElementsKit for: Clean and intuitive interface, deep customization, advanced design features, and extensive modules, all essential elements in web design, and affordable and reasonable pricing plans.

Choose Premium Addons for: User-friendly interface, cheaper in some plans, and essential website elements.

Remember, testing both options with their free trials or free version can provide the ultimate answer.

Good luck!


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