Top 5 YouTube Channels to Learn about Elementor

Top 5 YouTube channels to learn about Elementor

After deep thought, I have decided to round up the top 5 Elementor YouTube channels. It’s because Elementor comes with sparkling features that can upgrade your WordPress website.

Also, developers are developing tons of Elementor plugins and addons to enhance the functionalities of this wonderful page builder.

Don’t you think you need to know about this wonderful website builder’s killer features and their walkthroughs in an engaging manner? And also about Elementor’s plugins and addons? Yeah, that’s why I have rounded up the top 5 YouTube channels dealing with Elementor comprehensively.

Top 5 Elementor YouTube Channels:

As per the data of W3Techs, Elementor is used by 11.1% of all the websites whose content management system is WordPress. This is 7.4% of all websites.

Scores of YouTube channels exist dealing with Elementor. But all of them aren’t worth following due to several factors— insufficient resources, lack of quality, etc. are a few of the core reasons.

As a WordPress newbie, it’s not easy for you to filter the top-notch Elementor YouTube channels. This write-up will facilitate your search for top-grade Elementor YouTube channels in an engaging manner.

Additionally, for viewers seeking an enhanced experience without a hefty cost, exploring these channels through the cheapest YouTube Premium subscription can offer an ad-free and uninterrupted learning journey with Elementor tutorials.


In my last blog on the top 8 WordPress YouTube channels, LivingWithPixels was one of the important misses. In this blog, I made sure that this channel appears at the top of the list. The noticeable aspect of this channel is its rapid growth in a short time.

Living With Pixels for Elementor YouTube channel

Rino de Boer, the owner of LivingWithPixels has a liking for web design and development. His passion and liking prompted him to make YouTube videos on a wide range of topics like WordPress, Elementor, WooCommerce, web design & development, and so forth.

However, the bulk of his YouTube videos are Elementor-centered. Rino’s presentation skills and easy-to-understand content have made his channel notch up traction among Elementor and WordPress users in no time.

  • Channel Owner: Elementor
  • Total Subscribers: 142K+
  • Total Videos: 78
  • Total Views: 7,463,715 
  • Channel Started: 12th April, 2018

Darrel Wilson:

Darrel Wilson needs no introduction as I have already enlisted him in my last blog of the top 8 WordPress YouTube channels. Darrel deserved to top the rank as a WordPress YouTuber due to his widespread influence among WordPress users.

Even in this blog, I am incorporating him into the list after watching some of his Elementor-focused videos.

Darrel Wilson for Elementor YouTube channel

Needless to say, he covers a wide range of WordPress topics on his channel in addition to Elementor. The categories on which he makes videos also show up in playlists on Darrel Wilson’s channel.

His videos typically revolve around Elementor, ecommerce, WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, web hosting, and general discussions on WordPress. Apart from that, his videos come in multiple languages including English, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

  • Channel Owner: Darrel Wilson
  • Total Videos: 404
  • Total Subscribers: 337K+
  • Total Views: 33,174,283
  • Channel Started: 22nd January, 2016

Create a Pro Website:

Dale McManus, the founder of Create a Pro Website has leveled up his YouTube channel rapidly with high-grade content.

Dale primarily teaches website building and covers WordPress-related topics through his comprehensive tutorial videos. You will also get Elementor-focused videos on this growing channel.

Create a Pro Website for Elementor YouTube channel

Apart from basic website building, you can get the hang of building business websites, portfolios following Dales’ tutorials. Dale also has a knack for design and oftentimes, he shares his insights on website design.

Create a Pro website is a versatile channel, having flourished in a quick time. In less than 4 years, the channel has acquired over 350K subscriptions. And this figure is colossal compared to its counterparts.

  • Channel Owner: Dale McManus
  • Total Subscribers: 350K+
  • Total Videos: 115
  • Total Views: 16,327,481 
  • Channel Started: 18th May, 2018


With no surprise, the official YouTube channel of Elementor has a place in our list of best YouTube channels to learn about Elementor. Elementor’s YouTube channel deals with a wide range of Elementor-focused topics.

These topics include Elementor’s new version release, bug fixing, Elementor’s features and widgets walkthroughs, etc.

Elementor YouTube channel

The channel features website-building experts who share their knowledge and practical experience on the usage of Elementor. Apart from exclusive Elementor-related videos, the YouTube channel boasts an array of playlists on WordPress, WooCommerce, theme builder, popup builder, and so on.

Being the official YouTube channel of Elementor, Elementor (YouTube) posts top-notch video content periodically. So, you can’t but subscribe to this channel if you are an Elementor geek.

  • Channel Owner: Elementor
  • Total Subscribers: 283K+
  • Total Videos: 562
  • Total Views: 33,892,867
  • Channel Started: 25th May, 2016


The next channel that I have for you is WPLearningLab. It’s an all-in-one WordPress-based YouTube channel covering Elementor-centered topics at length.

The channel is rich, striving to provide in-depth data on WordPress. With the informative content coming on this channel, you can manage your Elementor site smoothly.

WPLearningLab for Elementor YouTube channel

Some of the Elementor-focused topics of the channel include how to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos on Elementor, design an Elementor 404 quick page with no code, create anchor links to another page in Elementor, etc. Besides, WPLearningLab also features ample playlists for the benefit of viewers.

No matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, the channel has useful materials that will cater to you. If you are hunting for a one-stop YouTube channel for Elementor, you can very well subscribe and follow this channel.

  • Channel Owner: Bjorn Allpas
  • Total Subscribers: 137K+
  • Total Videos: 829
  • Total Views: 16,366,081 
  • Channel Started: 24th July, 2014

Share your Thoughts-

It’s very salient to understand the criteria of YouTube to reach out to target audiences and satisfy them. Those who grasp the criteria and act accordingly get reach, engagement, and even conversion.

I have cherry-picked the top 5 Elementor YouTube channels after analyzing that they met the minimum standard. For your better understanding of my ranks, I have also put forth eye-catching data after every Elementor YouTube channel’s description.

However, if you differ with the ranking, do let me know through the comments section. Even if you think any Elementor-based YouTube channel isn’t on the list but deserves to be, you can let me know that as well.

Before I wrap up, let me mention that we also have our YouTube channel where we publish regular updates and news about our WordPress-based products. Feel free to visit our YouTube channel anytime for further info.


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