8 Fruitful Ecommerce Business Email List Growth Strategies

8 Ecommerce business email list growth strategies

Ever wondered whom email marketers send promotional emails? Definitely, they don’t send these emails to random people. These emails are sent to people with whom they have a point of interest. Can you guess who they are? One category of people are surely the existing clients.

But email marketers send emails to their leads and prospects too. But how do they collect their emails? Yeah, that’s the point! The mediums they use to collect emails of their prospects as well as clients are exactly how email marketers build an email list. And this is exactly what will be the point of focus in this write-up.

In fact, this write-up will deal with email list growth strategies for ecommerce businesses. I will provide you an overview of the email list and then deep dive into the effective and winning ecommerce business email list growth strategies. So, stay glued to the post till the end.

Email List:

Email list implies the list of email contacts that you have whom you can regularly send emails. From the business point of view, it means the list of email contacts of your existing and potential clients whom you can send business news and updates regularly.

Email list at a glance

Generally, you will get your clients’ or prospects’ email contacts through newsletter subscription and account registration. But a myriad of other ways are there to grow your email list which you will come to know shortly. Additionally, if you have an ecommerce business, growing the email list is incumbent for rapport-building and elevating sales.

Perks of Ecommerce Business Email List Growth:

Ecommerce business nowadays is more competitive than ever. If you want to survive in this competitive market, there isn’t any alternative to adopting effective ways of client generation. One of the proven ways of enhancing potential customers and then converting them into paying customers is growing the email list.

Email list growth

As an ecommerce business owner, what perks can you derive by growing the email list? Let’s check them out-

  • Eases the way of rapport building with higher number of prospects
  • Getting maximum access to prospective clients
  • An opportunity to convert more prospective clients into paying clients
  • An avenue to offer additional personalized and common discounts
  • Allows to offer supplementary freebies and giveaways to prospects and existing clients
  • A gateway to notify more prospects and customers about sales

8 Cool Ecommerce Business Email List Growth Strategies:

I have already mentioned a couple of email list building strategies above. But these points need further elaboration with regard to the process. Apart from these, the email list can be expanded in a host of other ways. Curious to know the other email list growth strategies for your online store? Follow the write-up then-

Showcase Newsletter Popups:

Asking for newsletter signups is a common tactic of pulling together your target audience’s email contacts. For that, you have to display newsletter popups on your ecommerce site. Once visitors land in your online store, the popup can show up on the screen anytime before they leave the site.

Newsletter popup- Ecommerce business email list growth strategies

But it’s crucial to choose the right time to show the popup. Another key point is showing the newsletter popup during the checkout. Many of the buyers go for a purchase without creating an account. So, getting their email contact at that time will not only grow your email list but also ease future interaction with them.

Additionally, don’t forget to add an intriguing popup copy to pull in your visitors. Make your popup copy as well as design relevant and value-rich. The popup can contain texts like “Get the latest business news and updates”. You can also encourage signups by offering a coupon or percentage of discount on the first purchase.

Leverage Gated Content:

Sometimes, we start going through a write-up and find it gripping. As we scroll down to read further, the text starts blurring and a popup shows up asking for a sign up to proceed. Since we found the write-up exciting, we don’t hesitate to sign up by providing our email addresses.

Use gated content- Ecommerce business email list growth strategies

This type of content is called gated content and you have to execute it to gather and grow your email list. With this strategy, you will basically allow the content access to those providing their email contacts. So, isn’t it a fascinating tactic to grow your online business email list?

Add Relevant CTAs across your Site Pages:

Adding relevant CTAs to your ecommerce site pages can be one of the effective email list growth strategies. But don’t go overboard. Don’t spam your site with CTAs as this will yield negative results. You can inject CTAs in your landing page, checkout page, homepage, product page, blog pages, and so on.

Add CTAs on site pages- Ecommerce business email list growth strategies

In order to collect emails, you have to add a captivating CTA copy as well as a button. Your aim is to nudge visitors to hit the button and provide their email addresses. Will anyone provide their email addresses for no reason? Absolutely not! You have to provide them value in exchange for their signups or subscriptions.

And it can be giveaways, discounts, gated content access, e-book download, or any other perk. Your CTA button may show text like this- “I Want to Win” or “I Want to Convert” depending on your offer type. Take a look at a cool example of absorbing CTA copy and button that can easily pack a punch.

Build Multiple Landing Pages:

Landing pages are created for a number of reasons but the sole purpose is to prompt the visitors and leads to take action. When it comes to building the email list, your aim is to prompt visitors to input their email contacts. Don’t forget that you can’t convince all the visitors to share their email addresses in a similar fashion.

Build multiple landing pages- Ecommerce business email list growth strategies

So, you have to come up with multiple offers in exchange for email signups. This is because different people will have different points of contact with your online business. That means the visitors will be in different stages of the sales funnel when they know about your business.

So, what about the offers? You can provide different types of offers including coupons, promo codes, discounts, etc. You can also invite people to participate in contests by asking for their email addresses. Make sure that your landing page copy is personalized to a particular audience segment. And also ensure that your on-page message is consistent with the offer that nudged visitors to click to the landing page.

Place an Opt-in Form in your Site:

Another killer way to receive email contacts is putting up an opt-in form in your ecommerce site. This is one of the superb email list growth strategies that you can avail. Usually, opt-in forms show up below the fold like in the footer section. You may also locate it on the navigation bar and margin area of different websites.

Add an opt-in form to your site- Ecommerce business email list growth strategies

The key to persuading visitors to input their email contacts is subject to the kind of offers you provide. Make sure that you are adding a powerful CTA copy to convince visitors the value of signups. Like I mentioned above, you can extend gift cards, promo codes, coupons, discounts, etc. to resonate with the audience.

Besides the homepage, you can put the opt-in form in other pages too like checkout page, blog page, etc. To utilize in the blog pages, you can use inline opt-in form and after post opt-in form. Inline opt-in form appears once readers scroll down to the end of a post whereas after post opt-in form shows up when readers are at the middle of a post. In both cases due to the timing, visitors are likely to sign up.

Don’t Overlook In-person Interaction:

Face-to-face interaction with your visitors and leads can take you a long way that you can’t even imagine. Even though you may be running an ecommerce business, you can still collect emails from your leads in-person. Through a brick-and-mortar store or by promotional campaigns in events, you can approach your prospects easily.

In-person interaction in physical store- Ecommerce business email list growth strategies

What you can do is provide them a hardcopy of a signup form or a softcopy on a tablet and ask them to give their contact details including email address. No doubt, they won’t do it easily just because you asked them to do. So, you have to incentivize them with something of value.

Your incentive CTA can be “Win a 30$ gift card signing up our email list” or “Get up to 25% discount on your first purchase subscribing to our newsletter.

No Way to Override Social Media:

Social media these days is bossing over other platforms in terms of daily or monthly traffic. By leveraging this stellar platform, you can surely prompt people to sign up for your email list. A big chunk of your target audience is active on social media for both personal and commercial reasons.

Add signup forms and buttons to social media- Ecommerce business email list growth strategies

They remain curious to stay updated about new products and businesses. With that aim, they like and follow their preferred businesses and brands. And you have to take full advantage of it. What you can do is add signup buttons and forms on your social media pages, encouraging people to sign up for your email list.

Apart from that, you can initiate chats with your potential clients on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. with the aim to follow up. While following up, send them a relevant link, either of a landing page, gated content page, or any other page based on the context of conversation.

Why not Digital Ads:

Running digital ad campaigns can be another smashing and fruitful one along with the above email list growth strategies. Whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, search, or display, online ads on any of these platforms can strikingly grow your email list. Wondering how? Take Facebook for example.

Leverage digital ads- Ecommerce business email list growth strategies

When you run a Facebook ad, scores of your target audience view that ad. Surely, you can direct many of them to any of your landing pages and influence them to sign up or download lead magnet.

Likewise, you can display YouTube banner ads related to your ecommerce products on YouTube videos and drive people to downloadable content pages or a landing page. Then, you can easily collect their email addresses and start communicating and building rapport with them.

Curious to know some of the killer content marketing strategies. Head over to the blog clicking the link below-

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Closing Notes:

Email list growth is the initiation for running email marketing campaigns. That’s why it’s very salient to come up with killer email list growth strategies. Lead generation, converting leads into prospects, and finally converting prospects into paying clients, all are results of email list growth.

To wrap up, follow the ecommerce business email list growth strategies listed above. On top of that, put together your creative ideas, effort, email marketing skills and experience to entice your online business leads and prospects, thereby nudging them to input their email contacts.

What about the tools to create signup and subscription forms? Make use of MetForm, a multiple form builder through which you can build eye-catching newsletter subscription forms, email signup forms, and so forth! And finally, your ecommerce business email list growth strategies will click!


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