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WP FundEngine is presenting some hooks for you. You can use these hooks to extend our plugin smoothly. Check them out!

List of Do-Action #

wfp_campaign_content_before- Before starting campaign container code, ideally for showing page banner in single page.
wfp_campaign_content_after- After the campaign markup, ideally for showing some banner/related donation etc.wfp_single_sidebar_before – If sidebar is enabled then before sidebar markup.
wfp_single_sidebar_after- If sidebar is enabled then after sidebar markup.wfp_single_title_before – Before crowd donation title markup
wfp_single_title_after- After crowd donation title markupwfp_single_thumbnil_before – Before image gallery thumbnail markup.
wfp_single_thumbnil_after- After image gallery thumbnail markup.wfp_single_excerpt_before – Before crowd donation short description markup
wfp_single_excerpt_after- After crowd donation short description markupwfp_single_goal_progress_before – Before showing goal progress markup
wfp_single_goal_progress_after- After showing goal progress markupwfp_single_backers_before – Before showing backer’s info markup
wfp_single_backers_middle- In the middle of backer’s info markup for crowd donation
wfp_single_backers_after- After showing backer’s info markupwfp_single_content_before – Before crowd donation description markup
wfp_single_content_after- After crowd donation description markup

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Updated on October 2, 2023