How to Set Custom Emails for WooCommerce: The Easiest Way

WooCommerce offers a default option to send different transactional emails. But, this option is not enough to tailor interesting emails that support you in gaining people’s trust. And you know that in this fast-paced e-commerce business era, generic emails get lost in our inboxes. To stand out from the crowd, you have to compose custom emails.

So, what is the best way to make impressive custom emails for WooCommerce? 🤔

Search for a good plugin.

Yes, picking a good plugin is the most popular way to craft WooCommerce emails.

Today, we’ll present a standard plugin to make custom emails, which is quick and customizable.

Reasons you need custom emails for WooCommerce

To maintain professionalism and good communication, you must send affecting emails to your customers. You can find a variety of positive reasons to customize these emails. Let’s have a look into some of the reasons –

  • To personalize the email style creatively: If you customize the email, you can explore more ideas and features to design an email. Based on your choices, you can add logos, images, links, change email types, etc.
  • To improve branding and UX: To boost your brand voice and values, email customization plays an important role. Also, good design and nicely written emails ensure a positive user experience for your customers.
  • Grow traffic & profit: Email receivers are always attracted by unique message tones. So, you can expect to achieve your targeted traffic and increase sales with well-organized emails.
  • To automate promotion and customer support: When you customize emails, you can promote your product and brand correctly. According to marketing experts, you should send personalized emails to your targeted people to tell them about your excellent support system and offer clients good services through emails.

Why should you use a plugin for email customization?

The default setting of WooCommerce only consists of some basic features. That is why email customizers are popular now.  

A good WooCommerce email customizer offers you lots of necessary features. It facilitates you to add dynamic content and make an email look creative. Overall, creating professional-looking emails that reflect well on your brand is possible with a plugin.

Remember, whether you want to customize WooCommerce order emails, orders on hold emails, customer notes, or other emails, making the email eye-catching is important.

Use the best plugin for custom emails for WooCommerce

Let’s introduce the EmailKit plugin for you. It is rich in features while ensuring user-friendly functions. Even with the free WooCommerce email customizer EmailKit, you will be satisfied. It offers you –

  • 17 default email templates for WooCommerce and WordPress
  • Dynamic placeholders
  • 23+ excellent drag-and-drop elements
  • Live preview option
  • Test email etc.

How to customize WooCommerce emails with EmailKit

You can save time and effort without any hassle using the EmailKit plugin. To utilize the plugin and make beautiful emails installing it in your WordPress site is the first step. 

Step 1: Go to plugins from your WordPress site > Search the plugin > Install it.

Installing EmailKit

However, you can also download EmailKit from WordPress.

After successfully installing the plugin, you have to activate it.

Step 2: Go to the plugin and click Add New. You can see a new pop-up ‘Create New Email’. It consists of the following options –

  • Enter template name
  • Select email type (default WordPress Email)
  • Select Template
  • Edit with EmailKit

You have to start with writing a name for the Email.

Depending on the email type you select, you will get template options. You can create a WordPress email, WooCommerce email, or simply pick a blank template.

After that, you have to start editing your email with EmailKit.

Step 3: Now, you will see the visual editor. For any chosen template, you will get two customization tabs named CUSTOMIZE and LAYERS.

Also, to design the template differently, or to design an email from scratch, you will find multiple elements in the Elements section. You can easily drag and drop these widgets and customize your email based on your needs. 

In the Templates section, you can find all your saved templates. You can pick and edit them if needed.

From the Settings section, you will get two options, Email Settings and Body Style. In  Email Settings, there are fields to write the email subject and set a pre-header if you want. Moreover, the Body Style part lets decorate the appearance by changing the background and text color and adjusting the spacing.

However, there are also options to use shortcodes, redo or undo anything, test email, see preview of your email and other customization choices available.

Do you know what are the purposes of shortcodes?

To include additional information, personalize content, and tailor the email to specific recipients, you need shortcodes. Shortcodes provide a way to dynamically insert different elements into your emails based on various criteria. EmailKit offers tons of shortcodes including –

Shortcodes of EmailKit

The final output of WooCommerce email with EmailKit

To design a WooCommerce email, you have to select WooComemrce email as an email type. Then you can choose your desired template, such as New order, failed order, Processing order, No stock, Refunded order, Back store, and many others.

Find your WooCommerce template from EmailKit's ready template

Following all the steps we have explained above, we have customized a WooCommerce email for you 👇

Custom emails for woocommerce with EmailKit

This is the easiest process to customize your WooCommerce emails. Hope, now you can create the fantastic impression you want for the audience with EmailKit.


EmailKit is a complete package of email designing options without any doubt. 😎

A good plugin always play the role of an effort saver. So, like any other efficient tool, EmailKit tries to minimize the WooCommerce email customization struggles for you. Moreover, with the plugin, you will enjoy increased traffic and sales.

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