Introducing GutenKit: Your Ultimate Page Builder Blocks for Gutenberg

Introducing GutenKit Your Ultimate Page Builder Blocks for Gutenberg

Are you ready to revolutionize your WordPress editing experience? Say hello to GutenKit – bringing a whole new way of building full websites in Gutenberg.

We are excited to let you know that, the GutenKit free version has finally been released and it’s ready to be your companion in building your next WordPress website. 

GutenKit makes your website-building experience easier in Gutenberg. It eliminates the limitations of the existing block editor and adds flexibility, efficiency, and creativity in building a WordPress website.

Come join us and explore our new page builder blocks for your WordPress websites.

Why did we create the GutenKit blocks plugin?

It’s obvious that Gutenberg is obviously faster than page builders and impacts positively on site performance. However, when we used Gutenberg, we felt this default block editor still lacks in features and customizable functionalities.

Therefore, we wanted to provide the block editor users with all the page builder features while ensuring their website’s performance remained optimal.

Our experience of serving 1 million+ WordPress users with Wpmet’s plugins has helped us in this. From years of development, user feedback, and reviews, we already had an insight understanding into what users expect from a page builder or editor.

So we can assure you that, you will see a reflection of your expectation in the existing and the upcoming features of GutenKit. 

Overview of GutenKit.

With GutenKit, the boundaries of creativity are pushed further ahead.

GutenKit brings the page builder features and functionalities into Gutenberg. The free version comes with 37+ blocks & modules with 350+ readymade designs.

  • True full-site editing (FSE) compatible.
  • Fast-loading assets and lightweight plugins.
  • Responsive design for any device.
  • Fully customizable layout.
  • 45+ motion animations.
  • Block API version 3 support.
  • Global color scheme support.
  • Inline SVG font icon library.
  • Draggable container width.
  • Copy and paste styles across blocks.
  • 900+ Google text fonts

Going through the list of blocks, it includes popular blocks like the Nav menu, accordion,off-canvas menu, advanced tab, post grid, dual button, image box, and so on.

List of blocks:

ContainerAdvanced AccordionButton
Blog PostsHeadingIcon Box
Image BoxDual ButtonSocial Icons
Image AccordionFAQDrop Cap
Social ShareBack to TopBusiness Hours
Progress BarTeamCountdown Timer
VideoPage ListHeader Info
OffcanvasNav MenuPricing Table
Donut Progress BarFun FactTestimonial
Image ComparisonAdvanced TabPost Grid
IconAdvanced ImageAdvanced Paragraph

We have provided full layout control to facilitate users to easily organize and design their web pages within the Gutenberg editor.

Users have the option to select from default, absolute, or fixed positioning to precisely fit Gutenberg blocks on their web pages. This enhances the overall design and user interaction.

The freedom to customize the styles including background, border, and every design part gives you the flexibility you were looking into WordPress block editor.

Noteworthy Features

Now, let’s get into the details of some notable features of the GutenKit block editor plugin. 

From full site editing, and detailed customization to page buildering features like containers, advanced tabs, and accordions, discover the diverse set of features packed into GutenKit.

✨ Full site editing with GutenKit

When we built a website with Gutenberg block editor, we felt the need for a plugin that works seamlessly with WordPress full site editor. That’s why we made the GutenKit blocks truly compatible with site-wide editing.

Design entire websites effortlessly using GutenKit’s versatile features in the full site editor (FSE). From crafting page layouts and header footers to implementing block patterns, every GutenKit element seamlessly integrates into the WordPress full site editor. This allows you to craft unique designs for your website. 

With GutenKit’s FSE-compatible blocks, patterns, and templates, your content creation process becomes user-friendly and dynamic, ensuring a captivating user experience.

✨ Design faster loading websites with a lightweight GutenKit plugin

Despite being a feature-loaded plugin, we are focused on matching the core Gutenberg performance and helping you build a faster-loading website.

So we did everything to keep the plugin lightweight and fast loading. We dropped all the unnecessary assets, and optimized codes by smartly loading CSS and JavaScript assets. The plugin only loads the assets when you use it on your website.

Moreover, we have only included inline SVG font icons in the icon library. Advantage with 

✨ Container blocks to make the editing easier

GutenKit comes with an amazing container feature – draggable container width. With this, you can visually adjust the container width simply by dragging your mouse cursor vertically. A feature that you have been using in the page builders.

You can create custom sections and easily structure your content to make a unique design within the Gutenberg editor. It provides diverse layout choices, facilitating seamless customization through adjustments to width, background, padding, and beyond

Introducing GutenKit Container blocks with page builder features

✨ Block API version 3 support

We’ve ensured that GutenKit is now fully compatible with Block API version 3. This means that all blocks are now fully equipped with comprehensive support for Block API version 3. 

As a result, the blocks will perfectly function within the iframe, enhancing your site editing experience with smooth functionality.

✨ Customize anything and everything

With GutenKit, you have complete control over your website design, from customizing layouts and backgrounds to adjusting padding margins and adding motion effects. 

By using the GutenKit block editor, you can explore a wide range of customizable options to effortlessly manage the styles and structure of your content within the Gutenberg editor.

✨ Organize content with accordions

The Advanced Accordion block within GutenKit allows you to craft interactive and engaging content. Its intuitive drag-and-drop functionality enables the effortless creation of collapsible sections. 

This is ideal for FAQs, step-by-step guides, or any organized content by using most of the screen space. This block ensures a structured and neat presentation. With the Advanced Accordion block, arranging your content becomes effortless, maintaining a clean and user-friendly experience throughout.

✨ Use Advanced Tab to smartly show the content

Organize your content and make your design interactive with tabs. It offers a clean and structured layout for each tab’s content, styling, and transition effects to match your site’s design.

You don’t need to have any coding knowledge to create an advanced tab in Gutenberg. This block includes pre-designed templates for the tabs, along with access to global styles and advanced customization settings for the advanced tab block.

✨ Use 350+ ready-designed patterns and templates

GutenKit elevates the design experience with its template library of over 350 pre-designed templates and patterns for blocks. These unique templates make life easier for users to design websites in WordPress.

GutenKit ready-designed patterns and templates

GutenKit includes ready designs for almost every type of web page, whether be it a blogging site, personal portfolio, or professional business site. These ready-to-go templates and patterns give you a head start in creating eye-catching and functional layouts within the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

Get ready for premium features with the Pro version

We are launching GutenKit Pro very soon. The pro feature will give you a true experience of page builder in the Gutenberg block editor. Here is a glimpse of what’s coming with the premium version and the future development of GutenKit. 

  1. Mega Menu Builder
  2. Parallax Effect
  3. Glass Morphism
  4. Sticky Content
  5. Transform Module
  6. Advanced Accordion (added features)
  7. Google Map
  8. Breadcrumb
  9. Price Menu

…and more.

With the Pro version, you can go beyond limits to build your dream website in Gutenberg. So get set to take your journey to new heights!

Before we wrap up today’s discussion…

We aimed to make the website-building process with Gutenberg smoother and easier with even more freedom and flexibility. With its user-friendly interface, extensive customization options, and page builder features even in the pro, GutenKit is already turning out to be a game-changer WordPress block editor.

And let me give you some insight information! GutenKit’s Pro version is going to be released very soon. So stay tuned and keep an eye on our social channels for the update.


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