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If you think picking a YouTube video description generator isn’t a big deal, you aren’t well-informed about the market. Before deciding to choose a YouTube video description generator, you must carry out necessary research lest you might be duped.

And to make your research process effortless, I have brought together a round-up of top 5 YouTube video description generators. No matter whether you are a YouTube vlogger or a professional video maker, these video description generators will work out for you.

YouTube, a Powerful Search Engine:

To start off, let me share with you something interesting! We know that Google is the largest search engine in the world. But do you know the second largest search engine on the Internet worldwide? If your answer is YouTube, you are right.

According to Mushroom Network, YouTube processes 3 billion searches every month while YouTubers upload 100 hours of videos every minute.

In fact, YouTube is way bigger than the likes of Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL combined. That shows how powerful YouTube is worldwide. Not just that, hours of video uploads also hint at the fact that how competitive it’s for your YouTubers to rank in this voluminous search engine.

Besides maintaining video quality, it’s crucial to write SEO-friendly and top-notch YouTube video descriptions. This is where YouTube description generators will come into play.

Before I catalog the best 5 YouTube video description generators, let me jot down the importance of YouTube video description generators.

Let’s get started…

Why you Need YouTube Video Description Generators:

Apparently, YouTube description writing is a cakewalk. But when you get to the task of writing descriptions after the onerous task of making or filming a video, you will actually comprehend the necessity of video description generators.

Let’s check out some of the salient reasons why you need a YouTube video description generator

  • Generates a video description in a matter of few seconds
  • Lets you focus on your core video-making or filming task
  • Executes the job smoothly without any hassle
  • Efficient and cost-effective
  • Creates SEO-friendly video descriptions

Best 5 YouTube Video Description Generators:

Like Tweet generators, if you hunt for YouTube video description generators online, you won’t easily find such tools. You have to pump an enormous amount of time and put in a big effort to figure out quality YouTube video description generators.

But shake off your worries! I have brought together the best-in-class YouTube video description creator tools that you can rely on.


If your goal is to holistically optimize your YouTube channel along with generating a video description, Text.Cortex can be one of the best choices for you. Its YouTube video description feature works by following a super simple procedure.

Text.cortex- YouTube video description generator

All you have to do is provide a video title, your target audience, and a keyword/main keyword. Then, just click the button “Create with TextCortex”. The tool will analyze the content profoundly and generate a relevant video title within a second.


StoryLab.AI has the magical power to produce inspirational YouTube video descriptions. So, if your YouTube video deals with motivational content, StoryLab.AI is the go-to video generator tool for you. And the best part of the tool is it’s a hassle-free one without any complexity.

Storylab.AI- YouTube video description generator

To leverage StoryLab.AI, all you have to do is provide your company name, outline video content, and hit the “Inspire me” button. And that’s it! StoryLab.AI will generate a catalog of ideas for your YouTube video. Just pick the one that inspires you.


The next video description generator tool that we have on our list is weshare. With weshare, you can create catchy and informative YouTube descriptions. No matter what your topic is, the video description generator will output a comprehensive description analyzing your video content.

weshare- YouTube video description generator

And for that, you don’t have to slog a lot. All you have to do is enter your YouTube video link and click the “Generate” button. Your video description will show up right away. weshare offers a number of video description templates like introductory style, direct style, branding style, etc.


Ink is another exciting YouTube video description generator tool that you would love to leverage. It comes with a simple yet compelling interface to ensure a smooth user experience. Ink differs from other tools in terms of input fields by boasting additional input fields.

Ink- YouTube video description generator

In addition to the “Video Title” field, it contains other input fields like the “Keyword” and “Tone of Voice”. Although the 2nd and 3rd fields are optional to enter. Apart from the video description generator, Ink also comes with other related tools, including a YouTube bullet text generator and a YouTube video title inspiration tool.


Last but not least, we have Nichess that can generate cracking YouTube video descriptions for you. In order to keep things simple, Nichess has a user-friendly interface with zero fluff. When it comes to output quality, Nichess brings out informative and flawless video descriptions.

Nichess- YouTube video description generator

If you leverage Nichess, you have to create a free account first. And then the job is a piece of cake! While logged in, you have to find the YouTube description generator tool among the 100+ tools of Nichess. Then, just input your video title and the YouTube description will show up right away.

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Over to you:

For any YouTuber, a YouTube video description generator is a handy tool. This is because YouTubers put in ample time and effort to produce their videos. After that, it’s overly laborious to write descriptions for YouTube videos.

This is where these AI-generated YouTube video description generators come into play. They will let you generate catchy and informative video descriptions effortlessly. You are free to choose any of the above-listed video generator tools that suit your needs.

So, are you up for grabs? If you need further clarifications about these AI YouTube video description generators, don’t hold back to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you. Apart from that, if you need a holistic AI SEO & Content generator, you can try GetGenie.


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