The 7 Best Flash Sales Plugins for WordPress to Boost Your Revenue

Best Flash Sales Plugins For WordPress

Looking for a plugin solution to launch flash sales campaigns on your e-commerce websites? Flash sale plugin helps merchants to get some quick money by giving discounts on some products for a limited time. 

With this article, our goal is to help WooCommerce users pick the best flash sale plugins for WordPress.

What Are WordPress Flash Sales Plugins?

A WordPress flash sale plugin lets you showcase discounts for a specific period on your eCommerce websites. This time-limited offer creates a sense of urgency among your WooCommerce website visitors to complete their purchase. Therefore, store owners get more sales and earn more revenue.

A flash sale plugin lets you take full advantage of special occasions like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or any kind of event based on your targeted customer groups. You can show temporary discounts on any page, specific product, or category. 

Generally, a standard flash sale plugin incorporates features like countdown timers, showing exact discounts or percentages, styling options, and managing discounted campaign lists from the admin panel. A perfect utilization of these features of the flash sales plugin will boost your e-commerce sales. Let’s discuss some more useful aspects of a flash sale plugin. 

Why Do You Need to Use a Flash Sales Plugin?

Below, we will mention some reasons why it is important to use a flash sales plugin on the WordPress website.

Get maximum outcomes from sales events: Using flash sale plugins is an effective way to increase sales during sales events like Black Friday or the founders’ birthdays. You can’t attract visitors with an ordinary look of your WooCommerce product page. Whereas, a flash sale plugin can help you to show a festive appearance to highlight your sales offers or discounts.

Boost sales of discounted products: The ultimate reason to offer discounts on products is to get you more sales. Adding discount/sale badges, countdown timers, creative sale text, etc. helps to prominently display discounted products on the product page of your WooCommerce website. This type of showcasing positively influences the customer’s purchase decision.

Convert your half-motivated customers: One of the main challenges of your buyer personas is turning confused customers into actual sales. If they lose interest in their products, they don’t want to buy anymore. The best way to return them is by giving lucrative discounts. And, a flash sale plugin does this job intuitively. 

Get rid of overstocked products: Sometimes your store inventory becomes overloaded with non-trendy products. It creates problems with inventory management. On such occasions, announcing a clearance sale can help you free the inventory and create space for new products. A flash sales plugin lets you edit the campaign name as you want to create a unique campaign.

Easily schedule discount campaigns. Scheduling is an essential part of any offer campaign. There should be easy settings to set up a campaign schedule. And, when you choose a plugin with a good user experience, you won’t find any hurdles!

Managing discounted items: Another helpful side of using a flash sale plugin is managing discounted items. You can easily oversee the products, and then add & remove them to your needs. 

To get Some Quick Earnings: It is common for businesses to have sudden capital needs. But, it won’t always be possible to manage this money at that moment. For this, you can offer discount sales for a short period and get some quick earnings. Using a flash sale plugin you can organize offers on product prices when there is no sale event.

Apart from the above advantages, there are other benefits of using a flash sale plugin. And, it’s up to you how you can use this plugin to increase your WooCommerce website’s revenue. In the next section, we will try to find out the best flash sales plugin for WordPress.

Overview of the Best Flash Sales Plugins for WordPress

Although WooCommerce doesn’t have default functions for showing an interactive flash sale campaign. But, there’s a range of WordPress plugins available for this purpose. Here are the best flash sale plugins we’ve found to help you get more sales and earn handsome revenue.


Best Flash Sales Plugins For WordPress ShopEngine

Our top pick is ShopEngine – developed by Wpmet to ensure a flexible WooCommerce website-building experience. It makes it super easy to launch and design fascinating flash sales campaigns. You just need to use a dedicated module and widget to set up flash sales on any product page of your e-commerce website. 

ShopEngine also boasts an intuitive interface, for example, beginners can easily set campaign countdown start and end dates in the form of a calendar view. Plus, it is easy to select the product category and discount type from the dropdown checklist. 

Another interesting feature we notice on the ShopEngine WooCommerce flash sale plugin is the entire flash sale layout is fully customizable. You have controls for showcasing the number of products, badges, countdown clock, and days. Further, you will get endless styling options for the appearance. 


✅ Edit flash sale campaign title and badge text.

✅ Select product categories, products, 

✅ Select between number or percent discount types.

✅ Display badges, countdown clock, days, etc.

✅ Styling options include changing typography, color, background, hover effects, etc.


❎ Have to purchase a complete WooCommerce solution pack to avail of this feature.

💸 Price

ShopEngine pricing starts at $59 for 1 site with 1 year of support and updates.


Best Flash Sales Plugins For WordPress

WooLentor is a user-friendly WooCommerce flash sales builder plugin. It lets you create an attention-grabbing countdown timer and insert it anywhere on your store website. It offers all the basic flash sale plugin features like choosing starting/ending times, discount amounts, and a variety of styling options 

Once visitors land on your website, they can quickly spot your promoted flash sale products. Here, one important control that the WooLentor plugin provides is to set up a manual notification, where you can define the placement of the notification

So, you can create a sense of urgency among users to boost overall conversion. 


✅ Provides various countdown styles.

✅ Choose the preferred countdown position.

✅ Edit flash sale campaign title.

✅ Apply discounts to your targeted products.


❎ Can’t add recurring flash sale campaigns.

💸 Price

You can use the WooLentor with spending at least $59 per year.

YITH WooCommerce Product Countdown

Best Flash Sales Plugins for WordPress

Next up on our list of the best flash sales plugins for WordPress is the YITH WooCommerce Product Countdown. It offers something unique compared to other plugins like you can show a sales bar or show both sales bar and countdown timer. This means, customers will see the amount of remaining stock and will be motivated to purchase a product quickly.

And this is not the end, this plugin supports features like selecting the position of the countdown box and taking action after the countdown time is over. You can enable a timer before you start any sale events.


✅ Available with 3 countdown layouts.

✅ Get shortcode and widget support.

✅ Showcase countdown on chosen products.

✅ Display the number of already sold and discounted products.


❎ This plugin is very expensive compared to alternative options.

💸 Price

Available in a single pack priced at $59.99 for one year of updates and support.

Finale Lite – Sales Countdown Timer & Discount for WooCommerce

Best Flash Sales Plugins For WordPress

If you’re looking for a free and dedicated flash sale plugin for the WordPress website, then you can choose the Finale Lite sales countdown timer & discount for WooCommerce. The free version allows you to schedule flash sale campaigns and show a counterbar to showcase stock status. 

However, most of the essential features like recurring campaigns and embedding shortcodes are available in the premium version of the Finale sales countdown timer plugin. Overall with this plugin, WooCommerce users will have a painless experience in running flash sale campaigns for different seasons and events.


✅ Set hour-based flash sales campaigns.

✅ Set up a countdown timer deadline.

✅ Add a counter bar to show real-time stock status.

✅ Set up rules for selecting product categories.

✅ Get customization options for displaying a clear deadline.


❎ Most of the flash sale features are included in the pro version.

❎ Can’t customize every part of the flash sale campaign.

💸 Price

The price of this plugin starts from $29 per year.

Sale Flash Customizer for WooCommerce by WPFactory

Best Flash Sales Plugins For WordPress

Sale Flash Customizer for WooCommerce is a full-featured flash sale plugin. You can customize the default sale flash message, target specific categories, control the visibility, and many more. Apart from changing the typography, colors, and background of your flash sale campaign, you can apply custom CSS to make it more beautiful. 

To glue your customer’s eye, you can intuitively highlight the amount of savings and offers. This plugin is super easy for e-commerce owners, it lets them schedule promotional periods, mobile responsive design, preview, and test the flash sale campaign design.


✅ Dynamically schedule the sale season start & end dates.

✅ Insert custom flash sale icon.

✅ Custom sales label and highlight discounted price.

✅ Extensive styling options and mobile responsiveness.


❎ Has to use shortcodes for advanced stylings.

❎ No management for discounted products.

💸 Price

Price of this plugin starts from $39.96 per year.

Prowcplugins – Product Time Countdown for WooCommerce

Best Flash Sales Plugins For WordPress

This WooCommerce coupons countdown plugin isn’t dedicated to designing a flash sale campaign. But you can still come out with a live time counter on your WooCommerce website that helps you to higher conversion rates. It lets you define the action after the countdown time expires.

The interface is simple enough to get your work done effortlessly. You have controls for locating the countdown timer on single product page and archive pages. Also, it serves with several time formats. 


✅ Provide a human-readable countdown format.

✅ Display a message after countdown time is finished.

✅ Apply different actions on products.

✅ Choose the position of the countdown timer.


❎ Can’t show a discount number or percentage.

❎ Less customization options.

💸 Price

Install the free plugin version or pick the pro version for only $39.99 per year.

itthinx- WooCommerce Coupons Countdown

Best Flash Sales Plugins For WordPress

WooCommerce Coupon Countdown allows setting up flash sale campaigns where you can limit coupon usage per user. Also, you can disable coupon validation after someone completes an order.

Moreover, you can find other conventional features like defining start and end dates. Additionally, you’ll be able to insert shortcodes to customize the appearance of the countdown timer and the time left for the discounts. 


✅ Show the validity of the coupon code.

✅ Limit coupon code usage according to per user.

✅ Add and style real-time countdown timers.


❎ Miss some basic features like changing the campaign title and badge customization.

❎ Need to use a shortcode for adding important functionality.

💸 Price

This plugin can cost between $29.00 – $99.00 depending on your needs. 

Choosing the Right Flash Sales Plugin for WordPress

After reviewing all of the above flash sale plugins for WooCommerce, we believe that ShopEngine is the best flash sale plugin for WordPress. However, our top recommendation is not a single-feature-based plugin. It is a conclusive WooCommerce solution. Choosing such a plugin can also be helpful, as you have all the solutions under one tool. 

It is something that entirely depends on your needs and budget. One thing you must have to remember is that a flash sale is a crucial version. Picking up a free plugin won’t meet your needs. A premium plugin like ShopEngine offers specific modules and widgets to bring all the features you need to design a profitable flash sale campaign.


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