Frase vs GetGenie: The Best AI Writing Assistant for WordPress

Frase vs GetGenie

The combination of WordPress and AI writers brings a revolutionary change in content generation and management. By using both of these tools, you can create and manage content effortlessly. But, there are numerous WordPress AI writers to talk about. Here we are going to compare the most suitable two AI writing assistants for WordPress, Frase vs GetGenie.

Frase is a popular AI writer who has recently added WordPress compatibility that lets users optimize content inside the WordPress dashboard. On the other hand, GetGenie AI is another AI writing assistant whose sole purpose is to generate content for WordPress and SaaS users. So, choosing which one is the most suitable AI writer is challenging.

That’s why here we have put together a Frase vs GetGenie comparison to find the best AI writing assistant for WordPress. Go through the complete blog to find your AI writer –

Comparison between Frase and GetGenie

Frase is a popular AI writing assistant whereas GetGenie AI has successfully created a buzz in the WordPress industry. GetGenie AI is also giving tight competition to Frase after the launch of its premium version. If you are struggling to choose the best AI writing assistant for WordPress, then check out the comparison between Frase and GetGenie:

Quick overview: Frase vs GetGenie

Have a look at the quick overview of these two AI writing assistants to know how they help to generate well-converting content:

What is Frase?

Frase, AI writing assistant for WordPress

Frase is an SEO optimizer at the same time, an AI writer that has multiple templates to create crafting content in minutes. In the Frase IO, you will find both AI and SEO tools for content creation and optimization. But like the other AI writing assistants, you won’t get a free version. Except you will get a trial package for $1. You can do SEO analysis with Frase IO.

What is GetGenie?

GetGenie Ai is the best free Ai writing assistant

GetGenie AI is an AI writing assistant for WordPress that has content and copywriting templates by which you can generate any content and copy without showing your creativity. Besides, this AI writing tool has a Blog Wizard which will help you to perform keyword research, competitor analysis, title, outline, and intro generation for your WordPress blogs.

Unlike Frase IO, you can ask for free credits to try out this tool. Also, you will find a free plan by which you can generate 2500 words per month. As a result, it would be easier for you to identify whether this tool will be good for you or not. Moreover, GetGenie AI helps you to optimize WordPress as well as SaaS content for Search Engines by showing SEO scores and suggestions. Thus, you can utilize the WordPress AI writing assistant for both content generation and SEO optimization. For a quick overview, check the following video:

Who is the winner?
In terms of general overview, GetGenie AI is the ultimate winner as you will get an additional WordPress blog wizard template and a free plan.

AI writing assistant template


Frase vs GetGenie: Templates of Frase

Frase has 32 templates that are divided into two categories. One is the template for AI and another one is for SEO so that you can make the best use of this AI writing assistant. Besides, AI tools or templates are divided into multiple categories such as SEO, long-From, Q/A, Marketing, Rewrite, Shorten, and Social.

These templates try to give you the best answer after researching online sources. Therefore, it can be one of the best AI writing assistant software.


WordPress templates of GetGenie AI

On the other hand, GetGenie AI has 37+ templates for content and copywriting. Generating WordPress content and copies through these templates is super easy as it gives you the most suitable result in the shortest time with a single click. All you need to do is select the template that you need and your AI-generated WordPress content will be right in front of you.

Regardless of having templates for content creation, it also offers a block for blog writing so that you can easily generate, and regenerate content for WordPress.

Who is the winner?
GetGenie AI is one WordPress tool that is enough to replace others as you can perform SEO keyword research, competitor analysis, content generation, and one-click blog writing right inside your WordPress dashboard.

AI copywriting templates


Frase and GetGenie both have copywriting templates. So, you can’t differentiate them in terms of copywriting templates. But, you do get the answer of which one is the best AI writer for WordPress if you consider the output. Because sometimes, you will witness inconsistency while generating copies with Frase.


GetGenie AI offers the best possible outputs for any given input. On top of that, you can adjust the creativity level and the number of results you want to generate with the copywriting template. Moreover, you can enjoy these features for any template of GetGenie AI.

Who is the winner?
Clearly, GetGenie AI is the winner in terms of providing the best WordPress copywriting templates as it offers the finest output compared to Frase.

SEO features 


The SEO features of Frase IO are different than GetGenie. You will only be able to optimize the content on WordPress. It is not possible to generate keywords, titles, intros, and outlines on WordPress. You have to do these tasks on the Frase dashboard. Then after generating the whole content, copy-paste it on WordPress. You will get the following features while using Frase:

Keyword Research: This AI writer offers a keyword research option inside the Frase dashboard where you can find keywords with different search volumes. Unfortunately, this option is not available in the WordPress dashboard.

Competitor analysis: You can check all the competitor’s ranked blogs on the WordPress dashboard with its competitor analysis features. Besides, you can also see the outline of different ranking blogs with Frase IO.

Competitor analysis feature of Frase

Related question: It generates related questions by using NLP inside the Frase dashboard. But, sadly, it doesn’t show these related questions on WordPress. From the Frase dashboard, you need to copy all the related questions and paste them on WordPress.

Title generation: Frase IO has a separate template for generating titles that you can enjoy only inside the Frase dashboard. All you need to do is, provide keywords, and adjust your creativity level. This will show multiple titles for your content.

Intro generating: Like the title, you can also generate intros for your content by using the “Blog Introduction” template inside Frase. You just need to provide the title of your blog and adjust the creativity level, this will bring out multiple intros for your blog.

Outline generation: It has an outline generation option inside the Frase dashboard. Also, you can generate outlines inside WordPress as this AI writing assistant shows you the outlines of the ranked content. From there, you can copy-paste the outline you like. But, it’s not that suitable as Frase won’t suggest you outline for your WordPress blog. You can only see the outline of the ranked blog.


Meanwhile, GetGenie AI will let you do keyword research, competitor analysis, title, intro, and outline generation right inside your WordPress dashboard by using its “Blog Wizard” template. To more in detail, this template of GetGenie helps you to do the –

Keyword research: With the help of GetGenie AI, you can do keyword analysis by putting your related search in the keyword tab. After clicking the analyze keyword button, you will get keyword analysis data from the “Search Volume Trend and Google trends. To add suitable keywords from the keyword list, press the “Plus” icon.

Keyword research with GetGenie

Competitor analysis: You will also find another tab beside keywords which is a competitor analysis tab where you will get to know about your competitors’ ranked blogs on the used keyword.

Competitor analysis of GetGenie AI

Related question generation: Besides keyword research and competitor analysis, you will get related Quora and Reddit questions from this tab. Therefore, you can add these questions to your content.

Suggested Quora and Reddit questions of GetGenie

Title generation: GetGenie will help you generate a title for your WordPress blog post. Just you have to adjust your creativity level, set the result limit, and press the “Generate Title” button. This will create the same number of titles you have selected for your result limit. From here, you can choose one.

Title generation with GetGenie

Intro generation: Same as the title generation, you can create an intro for your blog post by pressing the “Generate Intro” button after adjusting the Creativity level and Result Limit with GetGenie AI.

Intro generation using GetGenie

Outline generation: This Blog Wizard template of GetGenie also lets you generate an outline by following the same process. Here you will get the full freedom to add your preferred outline. Moreover, you can also add a custom outline by clicking the “Add Outline” button.

Outline generation through GetGenie

Who is the winner?
GetGenie is the perfect combination with WordPress. This lets you do anything that needs to be done while generating content such as keyword research, competitor analysis, related questions, and title, intro, and outline generation both in WordPress and SaaS interface. On the other hand, you can do a few stuff (Competitor analysis and partial outline generation) with Frase inside WordPress.

That’s why the winner in terms of SEO features is GetGenie AI without any doubt.

Blog generation in WordPress


Although Frase has multiple templates for blog generation, it isn’t possible to write a complete blog inside your WordPress dashboard. Because this AI writing tool won’t provide blocks like GetGenie AI. Also, Frase’s templates are not available in WordPress.

Blog writing using Frase

First, you have to create content on the Frase dashboard, then copy-paste them onto WordPress. Moreover, you need to link Frase documentation on WordPress to get its SEO features. This will increase the effort and time need to generate content.


On the contrary, GetGenie AI comes with a WordPress block for easily writing and crafting excellent content. In this block, you will get three options such as:

Expand Outline:

This “Expand Outline” option will generate the content for your blog outline. Just click on the outline you want to write content for and press the “Expand Outline” option. Thus, this will expand your blog outline.

Frase vs GetGenie: Blog writing in WordPress using GetGenie

Continue Writing:

Now, if you need more content for your expanded outline, press the “Continue Writing” option. This will generate more content for you.

Content Re-write:

In case, if you don’t like the generated content with GetGenie, it will give you a solution for that as well. You can re-write content as many times as you want through this option.

Who is the winner?
The winner is GetGenie here as Frase doesn’t offer an easy WordPress content creation block like GetGenie AI. Besides, you can’t even write a blog using Frase inside WordPress. You have to generate content in the Frase dashboard first, then copy-paste it on WordPress.

SEO content score:


Frase offers a topic score based on the keywords you have used in your content. The higher your content is optimized with keywords, the higher score you will get. Besides, you can also learn the number of keywords used in your content. This helps you to optimize your content accordingly.

Frase's WordPress topic score


GetGenie AI provides an SEO score to your WordPress content based on everything (Keywords, words, paragraphs, headings, and images you use). Besides, you can know how many times you have used main and secondary keywords in the heads and content. On top of that, you can add custom secondary keywords and optimize the content accordingly.

WordPress content score of GetGenie

GetGenie shows SEO scores based on SERP analysis, Google ranking factors, and other algorithms. This means content with a good SEO score will have a high possibility to rank on SERP.

Who is the Winner?
GetGenie offers SEO scores based on SERP analysis and ranking factors which helps to optimize your WordPress content. On the other hand, Frase’s WordPress SEO score is only based on keywords.
Thus, there are more possibilities to rank on the SERP by optimizing your content according to GetGenie’s SEO score.
So, the winner is GetGenie in terms of WordPress SEO score.

Pricing of Frase vs GetGenie


Frase IO comes with three monthly packages without any free plan. Besides, you have to pay an extra $35/ month if you want to enjoy their premium addons along with the plans.

Frase offers a 5-day trial with $1 for trying out. Apart from this, you can’t claim free credits. So, you need to use this trial package wisely. Now let’s check out the plans provided by Frase:

Pricing of Frase IO

Price$14.99/ month$44.99/ month114.99/ month
Users113 (pay extra $25/month)
Write & optimize article430Unlimited
Character limit20,00020,00020,000


Currently, GetGenie AI is offering four plans for WordPress users. One is free and three of them are paid. You can use premium packages on unlimited websites. And, these plans can be used by unlimited users. But, the limit for word generation, keyword research, and competitor analysis will vary depending on which plan you are using. Furthermore, you will get a 14-day money-back guarantee for all plans.

Check out the four plans of the GetGenie AI:

Pricing of GetGenie AI

UsersUnlimitedUnlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Word limit250050,000400,000Unlimited
SEO keyword analysis1040250600
Competitor analysis52080200

Who is the winner?
While purchasing Frase, you need to pay an additional $35/ month to enjoy premium add-ons which increases the overall price. Besides, you also need to spend an extra $25/ month if you want to expand the user limit from 1 to 3 in the team plan. But, GetGenie doesn’t include any additional charge in its paid plans. So, considering the price of the plans, GetGenie is budget-friendly.

Quick comparison: Frase vs GetGenie

Frase and GetGenie both offer competitive features to generate WordPress content and copies. Nevertheless, if you want to choose the best AI writing assistant for WordPress, then you need to go through an in-depth analysis of Frase vs GetGenie. So, here it is to come to the conclusion of which one is the best AI writing tool for WordPress:

Blog Intro
Article rewriter
Featured snippet
Listicle ideas
Paragraph compression
GSC content analysis
Talk Tracks
WooCommerce Wizard
Before After Bridge
Product ad copy
Wikipedia concept map
WooCommerce product long description
WooCommerce product title
WooCommerce product short description
One-click blog generator
Creativity level
Result limit
SEO mode/ Country selection
Free Credit

Who is the winner?
After going through the comparison of Frase vs GetGenie, certainly, GetGenie is the winner as it has more options to craft fine WordPress as well as SaaS content.

Can you find a free AI writer in WordPress?

Yes, you will find multiple free AI writers in WordPress such as GetGenie AI. With this AI writer, you can generate 2500 words monthly. Besides, you can perform SEO keyword analysis 10 times and competitor analysis 5 times a month with the free package. While using the free plan, you can make use of all the templates of this WordPress AI writer. Moreover, you will find many other free AI writers in WordPress besides GetGenie AI.

Pick the best WordPress AI writing assistant

Honestly, selecting the best AI writing assistant is not easy as both offer competitive features for writing your content and copies. But, if you want to know the name of the most compatible AI writer for WordPress, then without any doubt, it is – GetGenie AI!

The main reason behind it is that it allows you to expand, generate or re-generate any content right inside your WordPress dashboard and SaaS interface. Besides, GetGenie offers the closest output to your given input with its built-in algorithms.

Apart from these, you can also enjoy other exclusive features of GetGenie AI that you won’t be able to find in Frase. So, if your concern is to generate content in WordPress, GetGenie should be at the top position of the best AI writers’ list.


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