8 Best Cross-Sell Plugins for WooCommerce (Compared in 2024)

Giant e-commerce sites like Amazon got 35% of the transactions through product recommendation boxes in the year of 2013. 

As a WooCommerce user, you can also apply a cross-sell strategy to your store and significantly boost your revenue. All you need to do is use a cross-sell plugin on your WooCommerce websites. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the best cross-sell plugins for WooCommerce to use on your e-commerce website.

But, before that, we want to clear up the misunderstanding that often occurs when e-commerce users confuse cross-selling and upselling.

Difference Between Cross-Selling and Upselling

Before selecting the best cross-sell plugin, it is essential to understand the differences between cross-selling and upselling.

Cross-selling is about suggesting some complementary products to increase the overall cart value. This practice motivates customers to buy a complete solution or set of items. A cross-sell campaign works to fulfill the needs of customers.

On the other hand, upsells inspire customers to purchase the upgraded or premium version of the product. The idea behind referring to a higher-tire or premium subscription of a product or service is to offer better features and value. And, it helps store owners to maximize profit per item sold.

For example, you’re selling stationery items.  If customers are buying paint, you can suggest them to add paint brushes to their cart. It is considered a cross-sell. Merchants also offer discounts for bundle purchases to increase sales. 

Whereas, suggesting buyers to choose a premium brand of paint and making some extra profit on that order is called upselling.

How WooCommerce Cross-sell Plugins Work & Why You Need Them?

In simple terms, Cross-Sell plugins show additional products on the checkout page based on the customer’s current selections. It encourages customers to purchase complementary items. Therefore, you can make additional revenues.

This kind of plugin ships with different functionalities like showing bundle offer prices, targeting rules for personalized recommendations, tracking cross-sell campaign sales, etc. Moreover, you will find various styling features like customizing typography, display positioning, product images, containers, and many more. 

And, using the best cross-sell plugin, you get all these features within an intuitive interface. Hence, you can manage your campaign easily.

Let’s discuss some benefits to know why you need a cross-sell plugin for your WooCommerce website.

Get More Sales: Your WooCommerce website visitors will be interested in buying more products because the Cross Sell plugin will suggest the right-matched relevant products at the right time. Due to this, the average order value will increase.

Improved Customer Experience: Creating an effective campaign doesn’t just help merchants earn some money. It’s also about showing them the products they need. So, you’re also saving their time.

Get Your Inventory Free: Sometimes, your inventory gets overloaded. To get rid of this issue, you need to make more sales. And, offering bundled offers through cross-selling can help you get some quick large orders.

Less Cart Abandonment: Customers usually leave the checkout page if they don’t find their preferred products. To lower this customer cart abandonment rate cross-sell plugins show other relevant products. By doing this, there are chances that visitors get their desired product and complete the purchase.

Get Campaign Data: A cross-sell plugin also supports data and metrics related to your campaigns. With this data, you can figure out what changes you need to make for a successful cross-sell campaign.

Best Cross-sell Plugins for WooCommerce?

Now, we will discuss some of the best cross-sell plugins offering a range of features for enhancing your WooCommerce store’s cross-selling capabilities, customizing product display, popups, campaign scheduling, analytics, and many more. 

Choose the one that best fits your specific needs and budget.che


ShopEngine best Cross-sell plugins for WooCommerce

ShopEngine is the best cross-sell plugin for WooCommerce users trying to sell more. This helps you in two ways, firstly, you can use a cross-cell widget to design an intuitive slider to show the product you want to promote.

Then, using the cross-sell popup module you can display an engaging popup with related products. You have endless design options with this plugin like adjusting the container of the product slider or popup and customizing product images. 

You will feel that you can complete a comprehensive and interactive cross-sale section design to attract visitors to make additional purchases.

Key Features:

✅ Define the number of displayed products.

✅ Enable loop and autoplay for product sliders.

✅ Show or hide dots or arrows to navigate products.

✅ Insert an add to cart button and show the sale price.

✅ Display a sale badge with cross-selling products.

✅ Easy to set up popup functionalities.

💸 Price: You don’t have to pay separately for the cross-sell widget and popup. Both features are available under the same package with three-tier pricing.  ShopEngine WooCommerce builder price starts from $59 per year.


best Cross-sell plugins for WooCommerce

Checkout Upsell and Order Bump for WooCommerce by Flycart is one of the best cross-sell plugins for WooCommerce. It encourages customers to make additional purchases by allowing you to design an optimal cross-selling technique. 

Setting up a cross-sell campaign is easy from an intuitive user interface. You just need to choose the campaign type and register your cross-selling products.

Key Features:

✅ Show related products even after the customer’s purchase is complete.

✅ Analyze customer behavior and preferences to display the most relevant products.

✅ Apply different cart conditions to trigger the right products to the right customers.

✅ Can conduct A/B testing for the cross-sell campaign.

✅ Display discount badges to boost sales.

Schedule cross-sell campaigns for an upcoming promotional period.

💸 Price: The price of this cross-sell plugin for WooCommerce starts at $69 on an early basis.

WooCommerce Product Options

best Cross-sell plugins for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Product Options by Barn2 is an excellent cross-sell plugin for WooCommerce. It helps you to find the best spot to show your cross-sell products. This plugin combines various features to create cross-sell campaigns that entice your customers to buy multiple products. 

You will find different options like checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields, color, images, and more to come out with a comprehensive cross-sell section on your product page. 

✅ Can automatically choose products for cross-sell campaigns.

✅ Set cross-sell campaigns on selective products and product categories.

✅ Show or hide specific options based on customer behavior. 

✅ Show your products in highly visible areas.

✅ Get versatile checkboxes and field options.

💸 Price: The price of the WooCommerce Product Options plugin starts from $99 for single websites. 

YITH WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together

YITH WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together is built specifically for managing and implementing cross-sell campaigns. By using this plugin, you are not only promoting products but also recommending products that actually add value to your customer’s purchase.

To design a solid strategy, this cross-sell plugin for WooCommerce lets you show relevant products randomly. This way, you are not showing the same product every time and will keep the customer’s interest high.

Key Features:

✅ Adjust the number of products displayed for the cross-sell campaign.

✅ Display different products whenever customers visit the product page.

✅ Can change and customize every text element of cross-sell campaign.

✅ Multiple positions for showing the campaign box.

✅Show discounts and customize button elements to boost sales.

✅ Easily view and monitor linked products within a list.

💸 Price: YITH WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together plugins cost € 79,99 for 1 year. However, you can also use the free version with limited features. 


UpsellWP helps you to create cross-sells, order bumps, one-click upsells, frequently bought together, next-order coupons, and many more offers to display on the checkout page. Altogether it’s an all-in-one plugin to offer a complete suite of features designed to increase the Average Order Value (AOV). 

For your cross-sell plugin it provides you with essential features to attractively showcase the most relevant products. 

Key Features:

✅ Allow customers to add cross-sell products with one click.

✅ Support smart product recommendations.

✅ Can show post-purchase offers.

✅ Get help from reports and analytics.

✅ Change headings, backgrounds, text, call to action, etc.

💸 Price: This plugin is available in the WordPress repository. Plus, you can also start to use the pro version with a price of $69  in a single year.

WP Swings

WP Swings is an easy-to-use WooCommerce cross-sell plugin. One key feature of this plugin is it allows merchants to track their cross-sell events. They can figure out the sales of each product or product category. Therefore, you can better optimize your cross-sell offer for the future.

✅ Can show customized offers based on individual products or product categories.

✅ Schedule an offer for the checkout page.

✅ Style the cross-sell offer with extensive features and preview it.

✅ Displays cross-sell products on multiple spots on the checkout page.

✅ Track customer behavior to improve cross-sell programs.

✅ Customize product image and enable permalink to the product title and image.

💸 Price: You can install and activate the plugin from the WordPress repository without any cost.

Premmerce – Frequently Bought Together 

Frequently Purchased by Premmerce is another cross-sell plugin for WooCommerce that allows store owners to display cross-sell products on product pages with an easy-to-use interface. Apart from customizing the cross-sell campaign from the product page, you can also design and preview it from the plugin dashboard.

This plugin specializes in targeting audiences with a variety of bundles. So, it will be easy for you to check to get the best matching products for cross-sell campaigns.

✅ Show cross-sell products vertically and horizontally.

✅ Display savings on bundle purchases. 

✅ Can offer multiple offers for a single product. 

✅ Enable or disable cross-sell campaigns based on your preferred time.

✅ Can style product title text, thumbnail, and change position.

✅ Available with shortcode support. 

💸 Price: There is a $4.09 monthly and $49.00 annual billing system.

Skrotron: Cart Upsell for WooCommerce

best Cross-sell plugins for WooCommerce

Cart Upsell for WooCommerce is another cross-sell plugin for WooCommerce websites that shows the most relevant products at the right moment in the checkout order process. In terms of users, its active installation count is as good as a single-purpose plugin.

You can apply different conditions and rule groups for a personalized product recommendation to motivate customers to buy more products.

✅ Flexible settings and controls to operate the plugin.

✅ Customize everything about a product like a title, image, and colors.

✅ Available with various conditions and rule groups.

✅ Fully Ajax functionality.

✅ Get responsive cross-sell campaign design for all devices.

💸 Price: Monthly you have to pay $2.42 and $29.00 for a year.

Which Plugin is Right for You? 

As we have shown the best cross-sell plugins for WooCommerce above. Now, we will point out some of the features that your chosen plugin should have.

User-Friendly UI: No matter what features a plugin has, you can’t set up and manage your cross-sell campaigns without an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. 

Popup Functionality: A cross-sell popup can be very effective in grabbing the full attention of your visitors. Thus, it increases the possibility of selling additional products to customers. For example, ShopEngine offers a cross-sell popup module.

Customization: A cross-sell plugin for WooCommerce should be available with versatile customization features to style the appearance of cross-sell offers on your product pages, cart, and checkout.

Bulk Action: Another helpful feature of the WooCommerce plugin is that Woo allows users to perform bulk actions. This feature can eliminate repetitive tasks and save a lot of time.

Conditional Logic: For personalizing product recommendations to the target audience, your chosen plugin should provide a set of targeting rules. 

Analytics & Reporting: Having an overview of your cross-sell campaign performance will help you improve and design your next cross-sell campaign. For this reason, go for a plugin that supports data and insights.

Start Boosting Your Sales!

We hope this article helped you find the best cross-sell plugins for WooCommerce. If you want a complete product recommendation or frequently bought together solution for your e-commerce stores then, we recommend ShopEngine.

It is an all-in-one WooCommerce builder plugin for your WordPress website. For functioning a cross-sell campaign, you get the support of a cross-sell popup and widget. A big advantage here is that you don’t have to use multiple plugins for different WooCommerce solutions.


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