Variation Swatches

Help your users to pick what’s best for them. Variation swatches add up the appropriate style for each attribute.

Intuitive variation swatches are here to display product vibrant colors, buttons, images, and variations of products to improve customer experience.

The WooCommerce Variation Swatches of ShopEngine make it much easier to display variants of a product. It will assist your users in selecting the appropriate style of the item/s, such as color, picture, or label. Swatches help customers to understand the specific options of the product. Take a look at how your shop will look with or without a variation swatch option:


Let Your Customers Choose What’s Right for Them

Offer professional experiences to select WooCommerce product attributes including color, image, and buttons.

Swatch Alternatives

Add customized swatch options in different shapes, colors and labels.

Limitless Customization

You can easily create and customize individual swatches for any product/s.

Product Attributes

Item attributes can be built or tailored just the way you prefer for your products.

Compatible with Plugins

ShopEngine is 100% compatible with any type of theme or plugin in WP.

Image Performance

Visitors will receive better page performance and an intuitive shopping experience.

Product Type and Styles

Showcase your product type, size, label, and color for a better understanding.

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I am looking forward to see where this Plugin goes, it is simply by far one of the best Woocommerce Elementor plugins. It is still in its early stages so some bugs are t be expected ...more

Satraptech (@satraptech)

Very very good!
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visureclic (@visureclic)

Working Perfectly for Redesigning.
I am using this plugin for few days. Using this to edit the default layout of WooCommerce as per my marketer. That redesigning is intended to make A/B testing on my website ...more

max1394 (@max1394)

Great Plugin for Customizing Woocommerce
Exactly what I was looking for! Great Support! ...more

woolfsmediadesign (@woolfsmediadesign)

Good plugin and support
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Perfect to get WooCommerce to another level
This plugin is perfect to get WooCommerce to another level with Elementor ...more

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