Elementor WeForms Widget

Create a form easily by using most powerful weForms widget on your Elementor website. Let's build an impressive form instantly.

Create a form easily by using most powerful weForms widget on your Elementor website. Let's build an impressive form instantly.
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Contact Form

Build a contact form to grab your users attention and boost your form to perform in a certain way. This will happen when the customization capabilities of weForms come in real handy. Let's make it true using our contact form.


Support Form

In order to grow a business you need an excellent system to collect the support query of customers. To give support the customer always requires a well structured form, create and interactive support form with our widget.

  • How may we help you? Please be brief as much as possible.

Volunteer Application Form

A volunteer application or registration form is usually created to collect volunteers for an event and activity. Create an amazing volunteer application form for your website using our widget.

  • Volunteer Application


Event Registration Form

Event registration forms are not as complicated as you think to build. Using our widget you can make a user friendly registration form for any event easily with your required fields.


Use weForms widget to create a beautifully intuitive interface for any type of contact form on your WordPress Elementor website with our simple drag and drop builder. Create a form easily on your website using WeForm Widget for Elementor to make sure a great user experience for all of your users. Improve and enrich the quality of your form building and sharpen your way of form building with weForms.

Unlimited Forms

Nothing can stop you, enjoy limitless freedom of building forms on your website. You have the ability to create unlimited weForms for your WordPress Elementor website.

Fully Responsive

WeForm widget gives you fully responsive forms, so you never have to leave a single user whatever device he or she uses. No worries, about responsiveness anymore.

Field Customization

Customize the form field with it’s built in features. You have the full control to change and edit every field’s layout and design to make it more attractive.

Drag and Drop

Smooth drag and drop form building widget, create any type of forms with few clicks in minutes. Don’t need to know a single line of coding to create the most powerful forms.

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WeForms Widget For Elementor

WeForm is the most popular and powerful WordPress contact form builder. Build an essential form in minutes with the most trendy and user friendly Elementor widget in WordPress! Be able to easily engage with your visitors by making the form attractive through this addon. WeForms lets you create beautiful contact forms, support forms, volunteer application forms, event registration, feedback forms, and more on your Elementor website just in minutes. You have full control and power on your own hand.