Show a graphical representation of data to see the analytics side of your workflow. Add Line Chart, Pie chart, Bar Chart, Radar Chart, Doughnut Chart, Polar Chart, and others with tons of styling options.

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Bar Charts Vertical

A bar chart is a way of showing multiple datasets vertically. 

Bar Charts Vertical Label Bottom

Add a label at the bottom of your pro charts that looks really stunning. 

Bar Charts Horizontal

The one axis shows the categories and the other axis shows the specific values horizontally. 

Bar Charts Horizontal
Label Right

Showcase label at the right side of your pro chart with horizontal style.

Line Charts Bottom

Line chart shows data with data points connected to a straight line.

Line Charts Bottom No Label

If you want your pro charts to display without any label then here is a solution for you.

Line Charts Top

Elementor chart widget allows you to display your WordPress line chart and graph level at the top of the page. 

Radar Charts

Showcase your data with a radar chart which comes to the same starting point. 

Radar Charts Label Right

Display label at the right side of the radar chart and make it more user-friendly. 

Doughnut Charts

Elementor chart and graph widget allows users to display doughnut shape charts with many amazing styles. 

Doughnut Charts Label Right

Add doughnut shape chart at the right side of the chart widget. 

Pie Charts Label Left

Add a pie chart label at the left side of your pro chart that makes it look more eye-catching. 

Polar Area

Another variation of circular graph that determines the data points counting distance from the radius.