World’s Top Ranking Websites Built with ElementsKit

Top websites built with ElementsKit

You will be glad to know that now ElementsKit has users all over the world who have utilized its excellent features to build their sites. In that long list, there are many top ranking websites too.

After researching more I was amazed to see the performance of these ranking websites. I am sure you will be too after finding out the number of visitors they get every month. Moreover, the designs of these websites are completely different & unique along with their purposes.

This hits me with the idea of bringing these ranking sites in one place and letting you explore all these sites. Are you excited to visit these ranked websites that are built with ElementsKit? If yes, let’s dive in!

What is ElementsKit?

ElementsKit the  builder of top-ranking websites

ElementsKit is the most complete and compatible addon for Elementor that offers all solutions for building websites. Here you will get 85+ widgets, 8+ modules, and lots of templates for creating a site with a few clicks. Besides, more than 500 ready blocks and pages are available in this addon for providing a better UX to its users.

In simple words, you will get everything under one hood and that makes it the ultimate Elementor addon. Already half a million active users are using ElementsKit because of its uncountable benefits. But, the most exciting news is that many top ranking websites in the world were built with ElementsKit.

This is great news for you and us. That’s why I have thought to gather some of those ranked websites in this blog and provide info regarding those sites that are built with ElementsKit.

Now, are you curious to find out those top ranking websites? Then, don’t miss out on the next section.

ElementsKit all in one addon

Top ranking websites built with ElementsKit

Here I have put together 8 top ranking websites that have successfully achieved the glory of being in the world’s 10k ranked websites. To determine the ranking and domain authority of these sites, I have used Alexa ranking and Moz. In this section, you will also get to know how they have used ElementsKit to build their sites along with the ranking, domain authority, and traffic of these sites. Let’s start exploring these sites:


Pusdiklat top ranking site built with ElementsKit

This is Indonesia’s one of the top ranking websites that has a high Alexa ranking of 884 with the domain authority being 78. Monthly more than 26.90 million people visit this site which is really impressive. Without any doubt, the main source of this traffic is in Indonesia.

They have maintained professionalism while building their website. On this simple website, you will find lots of news about Indonesia.


Jumia one of the top-ranking websites built with ElementsKit

Jumia is a shipping website that lets sellers ship their products internationally at affordable rates. Alexa ranking of this website is 1498, whereas the domain authority is 74. Jumia is built by following a simple web design. But, its header section is more organized. It gets 9.30M monthly visits which mainly come from Nigeria, the United States, the United Kingdom.

They have added a sliding effect on their header. On its different pages, they have also added animated texts, graphs, videos, pictures with zoom-in effects with ElementsKit.


Tiki Universityis one of the top-ranking websites built with ElementsKit

This is a well-designed website and one of the top university ranking websites that is positioned at the1627th place in the Alexa Ranking. Every month 17 million+ visitors visit this site where mainly visits come from Vietnam, Singapore, and theUnited States. They have used ElementsKit’s advanced sticky feature on their website.

For making their website design more unique, they have added animation and lottie effects on their landing page. For its header and footer, they have chosen bright colors for making these noticeable.

Consumer Reports:

Consumer reports ranking website built with ElementsKit

Customer Reports is a product texting website that finds out defective products and helps product owners to solve the issues regarding products. Its Alexa ranking is 3745 and domain authority is 90. Besides, more than 18M people monthly visit this site. Since it is a research-based website, they have focused more on content. The web design of this website is sophisticated yet professional.


Kemenag ranking website

It’s a religious site where you will find religious videos and content. This is a high traffic generating site that has Alexa ranking of 3944 and domain authority of 57. Besides, it has a standard bounce rate of 50.16%. They didn’t add that much fascinating design.

Mainly they have added video galleries and buttons on their landing page with ElementsKit. Monthly 3.9 million traffic is generated from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, United States, etc. But their main traffic source is Indonesia as it is an Indonesian site.


Kemkes is one of the top ranking websites built with ElementsKit

Kemkes is an Indonesian government website with 4691 Alexa ranking. This website mainly uses quality photos and videos to share recent news of Indonesia. Since it is an Indonesian website more than 5 million traffic comes from Indonesia where the total number of visitors is 5.8 million. Moreover, the bounce rate of this site is 40.91%, which is quite impressive.

The design of this website is highly formal and straightforward. This way, anyone can find any news easily after entering this site. Its header and footer sections are simple and easy to navigate.


Ctee ranking website built with Ekit

This is a Chinese sports website that has 6492th ranking on Alexa. Every month Ctee gets 4.8 million visits. More than 94% of visits come from China. Currently, its domain authority is 65 which surely is a very good D.A for a sports website. Ctee’s landing page is very colorful and informative.

They have used different animated designs and texts on their landing page. Besides, on this site, you will see sticky effects that are created by ElementsKit. After entering this site, you will immediately get a sporty vibe because of its design.


Techinasia ranking website built with ElementsKit

Techinasia is a web development site that provides development services to its users. Besides, on this website, you will get videos related to AWE events & conferences. This website has 9228 Alexa ranking and its domain authority is very high at 88. This website monthly gets 1.6 million traffic that is mainly generated from Indonesia, Singapore, the United States, and Malaysia.

The design and layout of this website are completely different from normal sites. They have utilized proper color, alignment, and stylish fonts to build their website with ElementsKit.

Why are top ranking websites choosing ElementsKit as their page builder?

After researching and finding out the top ranking sites that are built with ElementsKit, I just remain astonished regarding their high performance. I am sure you are too.

The thing is they didn’t get traffic by only putting their content on the site. Of course, web design matters for a site and its traffic. You will be happy to know that people are adopting ElementsKit more nowadays and it has hit half a million active users already!

Now, if you are curious about why websites are using ElementsKit as a page builder then, here are the reasons:

  • It’s a complete solution for any website whether you want to build a shipping or testing site. Everything is possible with this Elementor addon.
  • You can streamline your website building process because of its builtin templates, blocks, and layouts.
  • ElementsKit is well known for its advanced features such as Mega menu, sticky header, widget builder, cross domain, etc. These advanced features will let you stand out among other competitive websites.
  • It will also offer you a layout library where you will get pre-built header, footer, and other sections for your website.
  • Building an eCommerce website is also possible with this Elementor addon because here you will get four different WooCommerce widgets.
  • This builder will provide you with 85+ widgets by which you can create any kind of website with the easiest drag and drop feature.
  • Being responsive is a must-have characteristic for websites. You can fulfill this feature by building your site with ElementsKit.
  • It’s super easy to understand the functions of this Elementor builder and a beginner who has never used a plugin can operate it easily.
  • A strong support team where you will get the answer to any of your queries instantly.
  • An up-to-date and compatible Elementor page builder.
  • Lightly coded that’s why it doesn’t hamper your site’s speed.

So, these are the reasons for ElementsKit’s massive growth. That’s why the world’s top ranking websites are built with ElementsKit.

ElementsKit Elementor addon- Final thoughts

The outreach of ElementsKit is expanding rapidly and that is really appreciable. This popular page builder addon has made it possible for you and us to build any type of site with a few clicks. You have already found out the 8 top ranking websites that were built with ElementsKit.

There are even more sites but, discussing all of them will be very hard in a single blog as the list is not short. That’s why we have only listed down 8 of them. So, Do you have any ranked sites that you want to see in this list? Or, do you want to put yours in this blog? If yes then, comment below and I will be happy to include yours one in our list.

ElementsKit all in one addon


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