One Page, Endless Possibilities

How you can unlock

the power of one-page scrolling
in Gutenberg

Limitless Content Customization

Responsive Preview Controls

Infinite Styling Possibilities

Capture Your Audience With Single-page Storytelling

Customize navigation, tooltips, scroll speed, and animations with ease.

Dot Navigation

Enable dot navigation for easy access to different sections of the page.

Tooltip Customization

Add and customize tooltips with options for typography, color, and more.

Section-Specific Scroll

Disable One Page Scroll for specific sections to enhance content interaction.

Style & Position

Customize the navigation style and position for optimal usability.

Animation Options

Choose from different animations like Linear, Ease In Back, and Ease Out Expo.

Scroll Speed

Adjust the scroll speed for a smooth and tailored user experience.

Choose a Style &
Show it Off to Your Visitors

Check the Different Styles Out & Pick the One You Love

One Page Scroll – V1

One Page Scroll – V2

Coming Soon GIF

One Page Scroll – V3

A Brand You Can Trust

An essential plugin to enhance your Gutenberg design experience

I’ve been using Gutenberg Kit for a few weeks now and I’m extremely pleased with the features it offers. This plugin is an excellent complement to Gutenberg, adding a variety of customizable blocks that make it easy to create professional layouts without having to write a single line of code. The customization options are very intuitive, and customer support is responsive and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Gutenberg Kit to anyone looking to enhance their content creation experience with WordPress.

Better than the paid ones

Hi I love it, actually in many ways better than the paid ones. Keep up the good work. Also would be super if you can add Pros & Cons block, and a top 10 listing with star ratings. Many review sites want to have a top 10 list, and I cant find any that really good for wordpress