How to Add Accordion in Gutenberg

How to Add Accordion in Gutenberg

While scanning a WordPress page, scrolling through a long list of details is boring! That is where Accordions help, it is a fantastic way to organize and display information on your WordPress website. 

This blog post will guide you through a simple process of adding accordions to your WordPress posts and pages using the Gutenberg editor. By the end, you’ll be a pro at creating clear and concise content presentations!

Let’s start!

Purpose of adding accordions to webpages

The flexibility we get from expandable folders of desks, Accordions on websites exactly acts similarly to those folders. You can create collapsible sections, perfect for FAQs, additional details, or anything related. They help declutter the page by hiding extra information until you click on any specific title. 

So, with accordions, you will have clean WordPress pages to scan easily at first glance. It’s like having a secret menu of data you can explore whenever you want!

How to add accordion in Gutenberg

The hassle-free solution to add accordion in WordPress is to use a good plugin. We can name such a trustworthy plugin- GutenKit.

GutenKit is designed to enhance the functionality of the Gutenberg block editor in WordPress. It essentially adds features typically found in drag-and-drop page builders, all within the familiar Gutenberg interface.

The attractive features of GutenKit are –

  • 50+ Block collection
  • 500+ Pre-built templates and patterns
  • Mega menu builder
  • Parallax effect
  • Full site editing
  • Flexible container
  • One page scroll and many more

Accordion Block by GutenKit

Accordion Block by GutenKit

GutenKit offers an Advanced Accordion Block. The block is available in the FREEMIUM option. It is well-featured and easy to understand.

However, the plugin also offers an Image Accordion block. If you need to design an image accordion saving space and ensuring more engagement, you can choose this block.

Steps for adding the WordPress Gutenberg accordion block:

Now, let’s see how to add Accordion in Gutenberg easily 👇

STEP 1: Installing GutenKit

Download the plugin from org. 👇

Download GutenKit from org.

Or search it from your WordPress dashboard. If you want to enjoy the premium features then get GutenKit Pro.

After installing the plugin you have to activate the plugins. 👇

Activate GutenKit plugin

STEP 2: Search Accordion Block

Open the page/post where you want to add accordion. Next, search for GutenKit’s Advanced Accordion block. You can drag or click on the block, it’ll be added to your editor. 

Drag GutenKit's advanced accordion block

STEP 3: Customize the Accordion Block

There are lots of features you’ll get to design your required accordions.

In the Content part, you can choose the accordion’s appearance style from the options, select icon, icon position, loop, etc.

The Style part lets you style the accordion by choosing different colors, sizes, typography, adjusting padding, borders, and so many other things.

Explore customization options of accordion block

This is an example of our customized accordion in WordPress with GutenKit 😎  

Designing FAQ with GutenKit's accordion block

Additional tips for adding accordion to your WordPress site

Here are some additional tips you might need for adding accordions to your WordPress site –

✓ Focus on clarity: Keep your accordion titles, and content concise and informative. Also, choose color, fonts, icons, etc. carefully. Users should instantly understand what information each section holds.

✓ Match your site’s style: Choose an accordion plugin or block that complements your website’s overall design aesthetic.

✓ Test different options: Research different accordion options. By playing around with various accordion layouts and animations you can find the best style for the content.

✓ Consider mobile users: Ensure your accordion functions smoothly on all devices, especially mobile phones with smaller screens.

Why should you use GutenKit?

Let’s know why GutenKit is the ultimate solution for Gutenberg as well as you –

🔥 GutenKit is regularly updated to stay compatible with the latest Gutenberg versions and features.

🔥 Besides the WordPress accordion block, it provides tons of blocks and customization options to its users.

🔥 GutenKit works well with other Gutenberg blocks and plugins you might be using.

🔥 The plugin is lightweight and fast-loading.

🔥 It offers all types of guidelines to the users, like documentation, YouTube videos, blogs, and also offers fast customer support.


This is all about how to add accordion in Gutenberg. ✌️
Plugins like GutenKit make the whole process of adding accordions to your WordPress site absolutely easy and more fun. Hope you can use accordions as a versatile way of presenting information in a clear and standardized manner now.

So, don’t waste time, enhance your site’s user experience with the best accordion plugin GutenKit.


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