Elementor Lottie Widget

Improve site’s engagement and user experience by adding amazing animations to your website with Elementor Lottie Widget.

Improve site’s engagement and user experience by adding amazing animations to your website with Elementor Lottie Widget.
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Lottie widget with default style

Animate your assets using the Lottie animation widget for Elementor. Simply create an outstanding page with default style of lotte animation.


Lottie widget with custom count loop


You can now use Lottie widget with a custom count loop. Turn your boring static elements into beautiful animated elements with few clicks.

Lottie widget with autoplay

Implement Lottie animations with few clicks on Elementor website. Auto play animation on your page and grab the attention of your customers.


Lottie widget with increase speed


ElementsKit introduces Elementor Lottie Animation Widget. Adjust the Lottie Animation speed by increasing or decreasing as per your need.

Lottie widget with reverse animation

With the Lottie widget you can experiment with many settings, such as loops, triggers, hover out, play the animation in reverse and more.


Lottie widget with hover pause effect


You can show your animation with hover pause effect. Stop your animation when the user hovers over it. Uses the animation-play-state property.

Lottie widget with hover play effect

Play your animation when the user hovers over it. Use the animation-play-state property. Make an interactive page towards grabbing your audience’s attention.


Hover with reverse play effect


Make a reverse play effect of your animation on mouse hover. Let’s create more attractive and interesting animation with reverse play effects.

Lottie widget with custom link

Turn your custom link into a beautiful animated button or any iconic design. Present your page smartly in front of your audience in minutes.

Unique Elements

Use of unique elements of the lottie widget make your page more attractive to your audience. Move your user experience to the next level in minutes and grow like big.

High Performance

Skyrocket your performance by increasing user engagement and improving your user experience. Let’s create a history of high performance of your business.

Easy to Use

Easy to use elements, creative design to make your next Elementor pages look better than ever before. Implement the lottie animation to make your pages standout.

No Coding Required

Don’t require high coding or programming knowledge to make impressive animated elements. Anyone can do it without any coding knowledge.

Easy to Style & Customize

Customize every element just the way you want. Lottie widget includes several styling options, allowing you to customize.

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Elementor Lottie Animations Widget

Elementor Lottie Widget gives you the ability to easily add Lottie animations and animated elements on your webpages, including many customization and interactivity options without coding. Upload your Lottie JSON files into your media library, use files on your pages to display the animation. Make your audience astonished by showing exclusive animations.